TESCOM Vacuum Blender TMV1500SEA

TESCOM Vacuum Blender TMV1500SEA

Tescom new concept of a blender which has vacuum technology integrated into a high-speed grinder, prevents oxidation and provides you with fresh fiber and nutrition. Discover it for yourself! The secret to freshness is Oxygen.

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Vacuum function

It works by decompressing the air inside the container. By creating a vacuum, nutrients are better retained as they break down with exposure to oxygen.

780ml glass jar, vacuum blending

Glass blending jar is dishwasher safe and shatter-proof. Vacuum air removes air in the container before blending and your blended drinks stay super fresh, super tasty and naturally more nutritious!

Discolouration comparison

Bright colours are proof of intact nutrients. Vacuum blending will greatly decrease the oxidation speed of easy discolouration juice.

780ml smoothie bottle, vacuum storage

Vacuum storage with smoothie bottle. You can vacuum storage smoothie in the night and drink it in the next morning. Now you can lock in freshness and nutrition with vacuum storage function.

Layer separation comparison

Blended foods which contain too much air loses much of its flavour. Vacuum blending lets you preserve the taste as they originally are! Less air adhering to dietary fibers mean your smoothies are rich, smoother and tastier to the last drop.

Titanium blade

Black titanium coated blades stay sharp for a long time and can cut through ice cubes straight out from the freezer.

Bubble comparison

Viscous ingredients will be blended smoother under vacuum environment.

Control panel

One touch setting for easy operation. Pulse feature for precise blending control.

• Accessories: brush with spatula
• 1 year warranty
• Official sole distributor in Malaysia
• Product certified with local authority approval (ST, SIRIM, etc.)