Advanced Technology


Beauty Collagen promotes healthy scalp & better hair growth.

Beauty collagen consists of Collagen + Negative Ions for glossier and moisturized hair which also prevents colour fade.


Why Choose Tescom Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer?

  • Benefit 1

Conditions cuticle, retains gloss & moisture

Using beauty collagen hair dryer can reduces frictional damage of your hair cuticle. Hair will become dry, frizzy and split ends with lack of collagen. With Tescom potent technology, the beauty collagen emitted from dryer will penetrates deep within the hair cuticles, allowing it to lock the moisture and creates a protective barrier for your hair as restore a healthy, glossy look of your hair.


  • Benefit 2

Protect hair colour and prolong colour sustainability

Using beauty collagen hair dryer after dying your hair will prolong your hair sustainability for 3 weeks. The presence of beauty collagen will reseal the damaged cuticles of each strand and prevent your hair colour from fading so that your hair looks freshly treated.


  • Benefit 3

Keeps scalp healthy

Beauty collagen hair dryer helps to reduce excessive sebum, creating a healthy scalp condition. Tune your dryer to scalp care mode to maintain a temperature of 60oC, it is neither too cold nor too hot. Allowing you to blow-dry your hair comfortably and quickly while protecting your hair from heat damage.


  • Benefit 4

Protection against UV ray damage

Daily use of beauty collagen hair dryer makes your hair healthy, protecting your hair against UV ray damage. Exposure to sun and heat may trigger conditions that lead to hair loss. However, beauty collagen acting as a protective barrier as your hair will get lesser damage from harmful UV rays. On top of that, beauty collagen also takes good care and conditions your hair cuticles to give you back that beautiful, glossy hair.

TESCOM is the first to introduce the negative ion hair dryer in Japan for better and easier hair styling. Today, our hair dryer, hair iron and curl dryers use this revolutionary negative ion technology to protect your hair from static electricity, giving you healthy, glossy and moisturized hair.


What are Negative Ions?

When hair is damaged or excessively dry, the hair cuticle is exposed – causing the inner hair fibre to lose precious moisture. Negative ions protect by reducing static electricity while gently moisturizes the hair, leaving hair shinier and silky smooth.

Hair is damaged easily by static electricity.

Negative ions provide protective coating to help lock in moisture and penetrate deep into hair cuticle.

Negative Ions Outlet Spots Ions outlet spots
Internal 4 ions outlet effectively direct negative ions towards hair to protect against excess heat.
Internal 2 ions outlet effectively direct negative ions towards hair cuticle and roots.

How to Negative Ions work?





An ion is a molecule with either a positive or negative electrical charge, and your hair is naturally has areas that are positively charged due to dryness from chemical treatments or heat styling. Negative ions interact with wet hair by breaking up the water molecules, allowing them to evaporate more quickly and to penetrate the outer layer of the hair shaft.


Benefits of Negative Ions (Ionic)
Static Electricity Reduction
Static electricity – hair frizzy and dull in appearanceIonic – Seal hair strands and lock in moisture, resulting hair less frizzy and looks glossy
Conditions Cuticle
Without ionic – hair is damaged or excessively dry, causing the inner hair fibre to lose precious moistureIonic – Provide protective coating to help lock in moisture and penetrated deep into hair cuticle as to restore a healthy, glossy look of your hair

Nano-sized Mist

Nano-sized mist penetrates inside of hair. Negative ions reach the hair which have positive charging. By locking moisture into cuticle, hair surface become glossy. Nano-sized mist is the mist smaller than cuticle space. It thoroughly penetrates inside of hair for moisturizing.

Difference of Nano-sized mist and steam

Steam just coat the surface of hair.
Nano-sized mist penetrates inside of hair.
*cuticle space: approx. 10,000nm

How do Nano-sized Mist work?
1 2 3 4 5

Nano-sized mist is the water molecule, smaller than micro which to penetrate deep inside the hair shaft while locking moisture into cuticle, leaving hair shiny and smooth.

Camellia Oil

Camellia oil, also known as Camellia japonica oil or Tsubaki oil is produced from the seeds of the camellia flower. It is flowering plant with red blooms. Camellia oil is an excellent emollient for keeping skin and hair moist and supple. Approximately 82% of its fatty acids are composed of Oleic fatty acid (Omega-9), a remarkable transdermal carrier and very effective in enhancing skin and hair’s ability to retain moisture.

The camellia flower is prized for their beauty, can vary in colour from white and oink to reds with plenty of variations in between. The seeds are pressed to extract camellia oil, which has a long history of giving Japanese women flawless porcelain-like skin and long, beautiful, shiny hair.


Benefits of Camellia Oil for your hair

• Strengthens hair and helps to replenish moisture
• Rejuvenates hair and further prevents the loss pf protein
• Smooths hair cuticles without weighing hair down
• Makes hair shiny and helps to prevent split ends
• Treats damage from perms and dying
• Treats dry scalp and helps prevent dandruff
• Used as a leave-in conditioner, leaving hair conditioned and silky