About Tescom

“Make beauty for women around the world”
Toshiya Kusuno
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

TESCOM professional hair dryer is currently Japan’s no. 1 salon brand. Its high quality and professional hair dryer is meticulously designed and developed in the Tescom Factory in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Our mission is to promote glamorous and trendy hairstyles from Japan to the world!

Corporate History


Tokyo Electric Sales Company to establish a foundation sales office in Ebisuminami 2-cyoume, Shibuya-ku


Tokyo Electric Sales Company is established in Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


First hair dryer TD30


Sirocco type hair dryer TD1000


Hair dryer with comb TH1000


Curling dryer


Tescom Distribution Center


Hair dryer NB2000


Hair dryer with ion  & ozoneTID600


Steam Iron with ion IPM70

Hot seller with total sales of 700,000 units


Tescom mark its 45th anniversary


Beauty collagen dryer TCD4000


Vacuum juiced blender TMV1000

World’s first – equipped with vacuum mode


Started export haircare items to US market.

Tescom developed Nobby, a hair dryer that came to be used by professional hairstylists in hair salons and beauty shops across Japan. The product was recognized as a tool that provided every feature desired by hairstylist, i.e. lightweight, sufficient air volume, a comfortable fit in hand.

Released curling dryers first in the world.



Tescom factory has transferred to new factory district Higashitsukama Matsumoto City.

Get an award of <Symbol of excellence price> from Sears, Roebuck and Company.



Used to have only two business offices in Fukuoka and Osaka. By the late 1980s, Tescom had gradually expanded its network to have business offices in all major cities in Japan.



Tescom held a ceremony to mark its 20th anniversary. Tescom released alongside its hairdressing/beauty products, handheld mixers, juice blenders and food processors, which came to obtain the top market share for that year.



With technical support from TOTO Ltd., Tescom released the NB2000 hair dryer, an unprecedentedly low noise level, under the Nobby brand for beauty salons.



Released negative ion dryers first in Japan. TID600, a representative model of Tescom, which had its eye on negative ions before other manufacturers did.



Tescom celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Launched products with colourful designs featuring striking pink colour and also created a range of product categories.

Exerted its strength in product development from customers’ viewpoint – produce hair iron that can applied to wet hair and hair styler that applies camellia oil.



Tescom first introduces innovative advanced technology, collagen dryer in the world. Beauty collagen promotes healthy scalp and better hair growth.



Launched the world’s first vacuum juice blender TMV1000 by decompressing the air inside the container which can oxidize the freshness and nutrition of freshly-blended ingredients. Tescom vacuum blender lets you preserve the taste as they originally are!



Tescom continue developed new advanced technology, Platinum & Collagen Nano Ion Hair Dryer (CPN), a special hair dryer acts like a beauty serum.




#1 Professional Salon Hair Dryer Brand in Japan

A high professional hair dryer, Nobby by Tescom established in 1965.

Nobby received strong support from Japanese salons and professional hairstylists, thanks to its revolutionary technology and know-how.

TESCOM did not start out as a large organization capable of dominating the marketplace. However, we are proud to say that in more than 50 years since our founding, our commercial-use brand “Nobby” has been a top seller amongst hair-care professionals, while in the fierce domestic competition of major electronics makers within the food preparation category our juicers and blenders continue to be among the most popular amongst consumers.

Nobby by Tescom is market leader in salon hair dryer category
*Source: Japan Consultant, May – June 2015